All our cloth and tape is a glass biaxle stitched type cloth.
We have found that this type of cloth holds epoxy well and goes transparent when soaked in any of our epoxies, the tape and cloth have very good draping features so you do not have to struggle to get it to lay to any shape you might have.

When using cloth we recommend you lay the cloth on dry and allow the epoxy to wick out through the cloth simply spreading and light rollering is all that is needed.

When tapping you can lay the tape wet or dry.

With all cloth and tape work we recommend a good over lap and if you need to stop before you finish the job it is not a problem , if you can mark the epoxy with your thumb nail you are good to go just remember your over lap if you can not abrade the over lap area and carry on.

We recommend low viz or thin resin for all cloth and tape work but once your cloth and tape is down you can continue to build depth by using Flag resin or Thick resin.

If you are not sure of which way to go please give us a call and we will do our best to help.

Black Bear Boating & Leisure will deliver any paid for goods in the quickest possible way, usual delivery is 2/3 days however were we are sending goods overseas (this means across any water) this period may be extended up to two weeks or longer at the company’s discretion.

The company has an ongoing belief that good customers expect and deserve a top class service.
In the UK, any problem reported to us on delivery will be dealt with in the following manner: