MAS Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin

MAS Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin is a blend of standard low molecular weight epoxy resin. Formulations based on MAS Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin are typically cured at room temperatures using MAS hardener in a 2:1 mix ratio, resin: hardener. MAS Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin can be used in a wide variety of applications including moisture exclusive coatings, laminating, and bonding.

When modified with MAS fillers mixed formula can be used as a filling and fairing compound.The reduced viscosity of MAS Epoxy Resin provides for complete wet out of fibre reinforced fabrics and reduces the potential for voids and other imperfections. MAS Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin is formulated from 100% low molecular weight reactive solids (for excellent moisture exclusion), and displays less than 1% shrinkage when cured.

MAS Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin is specifically formulated for use and storage in adverse conditions. A non-crystalling formula allows the resin to remain clear and flow at very low temperatures.

MAS Epoxy Resin will last a minimum of 12 months
in a sealed container. Experience has shown the shelf life in most circumstances to exceed two years.


low vis is available with fast medium or slow hardeners

Where and how to use Low vis must be mixed with MAS slow, medium or fast hardener at a rate of two parts resin to one part hardener, This can be by volume or weight. The resin and hardener must be properly mixed. Use. We use Low Vis in the workshop on any substrate that needs deep penetration end grain of timber or plywood these are the most common that come to mind as well as any glass lay up that we are doing a repair to. In many instances we have found that were there has been no gel coat applied (inside of hulls tanks etc) when we have started to grind back we have found pockets were the original layup was not done well and needs filling before we move on to the main repair. Low vis is ideal for penetration and sealing creating a sound base to complete your repair or build. Coating any surface that needs protecting will benefit from a coat or two of epoxy low vis is an ideal coating agent and once cured any paint or varnish system may be used (check with paint manufacturer before use) When applying cloth we use low vis to wet out the cloth . Low vis will go through several layers of dry cloth and wick out making the clothing of any area simple and time saving Low vis may be injected into voids, holes etc to make a strong water proof repair. MAS does not blush or wax
Specifications Typical Properties
Color (Gardner) max. (light amber 3 Specific Gravity @77 F 1.08 – 1.13
Brookfield Viscosity @77 F, cp 850-1000 Density (lb/gal) @77 F 9.6
% Hydrolysable Chloride Max 0.07 Flash Point (closed cap) 0F >200
Epoxy Equivalent Weight 200 % Reactive Solids 100
Mix Ratio 2:1 Resin to Hardener Mixed Viscosity with MAS Hardener 550-650 cps

MAS EPOXY comes with a choice of three different hardeners. Each hardener will produce a blush and wax free finish allowing easy over coating with further layers of epoxy, epoxy and cloth or final paint varnish finish.


MAS FAST HARDENER can be used as an accelerator for MAS Slow and Medium Hardeners when customized cure times are required. Appropriate applications of MAS FAST hardeners formulas include hardware bonding, spot filling, and fairing. Additionally, the superior bonding strength of MAS FAST hardener mix is ideal for high strength secondary bonding applications such as structural tabbing and repair lamination’s.

The rapid cure time of MAS FAST hardener allows overnight curing in low temperature conditions so your project can be sanded next day

We do not recommend mixing more than 140 grams. of formula unless rapid application techniques are incorporated.

An induction time of 1-2 minutes is recommended prior to application of formula. We have found the low viscosity of MAS FAST hardener allows for fast wet-out of the heavy reinforcing fabrics often used in repair applications. MAS SLOW or MEDIUM may be blended with MAS FAST to retard the mix of the MAS FAST  hardener when customized cure times are required.

Remember Surfaces coated must be carefully prepared prior to re coating and bonding dust and grease free and a good scratched key over the whole area to be bonded



MAS MEDIUM hardener has a moderate gel and thin film set times providing great advantages when filleting and fairing. MAS low vis and flag resins when mixed with Medium hardener and the appropriate thickener will gel and set quickly enough to avoid draining out and sagging, while still giving you the time to get the job done. We recommend this hardener when “overnight” sanding is more important than continuous laminating and open time (as provided by MAS SLOW Hardener)

MAS MEDIUM hardener will also provide a beautifully smooth void free finish with great resistance to milking out during application and fogging in critical clear coating applications..

Cure speed gelling and thin film set can be adjusted by adding either slow hardener or Fast hardener as needed but the mix must remain 2 parts resin to 1 part hardener

This is our standard hardener that we recommend for all gluing and fairing work , provided the customer is experienced enough and happy to work at a faster rate. However when wetting out multiple thickness of cloth we recommend slow hardener to ensure the epoxy hardener mix has properly wet out before it starts to gel


MAS SLOW Hardener

MAS SLOW hardener is a hardener that will give you a working pot life of 30 – 35 minutes , when used with MAS LOW VIS or MAS FLAG resin at a ratio of 2 parts resin to 1 part hardener it gives a good extended gel time allow you to control the application

Special features exhibited by this product include blush free surfaces, good ultraviolet stability, smooth finishes in cured films, excellent osmotic resistance, and the ability to cure under high humidity

We recommend MAS SLOW hardener when working on large areas and on cloth were we want the maximum amount of penetration before gel starts. slow hardener can be mixed with our other hardener to get the correct working time for your application

As with all our hardeners MAS SLOW is blush and wax free there is no need for any wash down between coats (if the surface can be marked with your thumb nail , then you can go straight on top if it can not a simple roughing or abrasion is needed to give a good key)

Use: If you are a beginner to the use of epoxy we recommend that you choose slow hardener, this gives you an extended pot life enabling you to take time on your work and giving you the opportunity to correct any thing along the way. When doing large areas or when large mixes are needed always consider MAS SLOW hardener first.

Caution: Not recommended for use below 8 degrees C unless cure time is available.

This means that you simple have to give the product longer so if it is below 10 degrees C yes it will work but you have to wait but as a policy we would recommend a quicker hardener the cooler it gets

Remember you can mix MAS SLOW with MAS MEDIUM AND MAS FAST to achieve a work and cure time you want but the mix ratio must remain 2 parts resin to 1 part hardener

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