SAfire BBQ


The SAfire is a new cooking system geared towards our great love of the outdoors, whether it’s a meal in the garden, a barbecue on the balcony or a picnic in the park, the SAfire delivers the wonderful flavour of flame-grilled food without the burnt bits.

The SAfire is a barbecue system that uses a single circular  briquette of charcoal made from coconut husks, which will burn and cook for about 1 to 1.5 hours.

These briquettes are made from the part of the coconut that is currently thrown away, allowing poor subsistence farmers in places like the Philippines, Vietnam, North and South Korea and many other countries to earn an income from what was once waste.

From lighting, the SAfire is ready to use in about 2–3 minutes. The SAfire uses a two-sided grill plate that allows conventional barbecue grilling on one side and oven baking or frying on the other. All fat is drained into its unique reservoir so it doesn’t burn, and there’s no flare up – only good, even heat and beautifully cooked food.

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