About Us

Black Bear boating and leisure was born from the fact that MAS epoxies and Chinawind yachts were growing and we were and are recognised in both the boat repair and boat building field’s and in the composite and high end technology arena. But this is not the whole picture, we have always been interested in the good quality alternative that makes life easier and better.

We wanted a name that enabled people to recognise us from other areas not just marine but from caravanning camping, those who use the inland waterways and those who simply have a taste for adventure and a passion for doing things themselves and a love of the outdoors.
So from our ever growing interest in bringing you new quality products and our ambition to encourage good high quality boat building and the urge to get people to take that first step on an adventure. Be it starting a canoe to converting a camper or taking the family on an overnight camp we merged to become Black Bear.

We still build 38′ schooners’ we still give the best advice on Epoxy what ever brand you use our workshop is still open to anyone who has an interest and needs some help but we can now advise and assist in so much more and will search the trade to bring you the best when we find it.

We are pleased to have Natures Head a composting toilet for boats motor homes caravans and anywhere you need facilities with no plumbing no holding takes and no chemicals.

We have also brought in SAfire a direct replacement for the cobb designed by the same designers only that bit better ,try it see what you think cooking on a fraction of the fuel but giving a clean cook that brings out the taste of the food and no burnt bits.

For those clean up jobs from degreasing to paint removal cleaning up epoxy etc we have biosolv and replacement for acetone toluene and all the other nasty’s out there, safer and so much greener.

The team is still here to support you in any way we can we are always looking to improve our range and give you free impartial advice.