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Drilling and Tapping

We are at that point were we are having to look at making up the ballast keel (box). The box is going to be made of 22mm mild steel with stringers that are out of 60mm plate which is to be drilled and tapped with 22mm holes. when the box...

Tools in the workshop sanding

I have often been asked about what tools I use in the work shopped why I picked that make So today I will be looking at the sanders and grinders we use, ones we no longer use and ones I wish we could still get. We have 3 main types...

Mast Repair

Some of you may be aware that our main mast for the boat was hit by a mad woman driving a Toyota fortunately no one was injured but the Toyota was severely damaged and we had some marking on the mast. now our problem was that the mast had been...

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