Moving the Hull 2

rolling the boat hull out of the workshop low tech and low cost

Moving The Hull 1

how to move a heavy hull

hull prep continues

The hull has been sanded and given 3 coats of primer filler to protect the epoxy hull being prepped for spraying cof sdr sdr sdr     primer dried on hull our sprayer more masking and more first coat 2nd coat finished coat primer finished coat primer

Preparing to move the Schooner Hull

We have started to prepare for the moving of the 38-foot schooner hull out of the workshop. So far we have made part of the rolling frame which will be used in conjunction with a crane to turn the hull 180 degrees. We have also started on the hulling dolly which...

Side Keels

The side keels have now been welded up and are in the workshop, for prep work then epoxy coating. We will be grinding the surface using 4.5-inch grinders and a standard dry stone, the surface will be cleaned with biosolv, once we are happy with the surface we will paint...

Junior our 1950’s Yachting Monthly dinghy

We have now removed 90% of the old varnish from the fore deck, side decks and stern area. This has had a treatment of MAS epoxies deep penetration epoxy plus one overcoat of MAS low Vis 2 to 1 epoxy using slow hardener. I am often asked why we use...

The Trouble with Junior Cont.

We are still working on the very long and time consuming job of taking out all the old screws from our 1954 designed Yachting monthly junior. But in the mean time we are going about the job of removing the old varnish and strengthening the old ply wood. I do...

The Trouble with Junior - Part 2

Junior is a 1954 designed yachting monthly junior by Kenneth Gibbs On our Last notice we had stitched the boat with nylon nails to prevent any loss of shape. The hull of this boat is built of gab boon ply on frames. This is a good strong and simple method...

The Restoration of Junior - Part 1

We are always having interesting and unusual projects turn up that need that certain black bear magic. Recently we were asked to save a 1954 designed yachting Monthly junior designed by Kenneth Gibbs. The boat was delivered to us on its trailer, but the whole lot had been loaded onto...

Mast Repair

Some of you may be aware that our main mast for the boat was hit by a mad woman driving a Toyota fortunately no one was injured but the Toyota was severely damaged and we had some marking on the mast. now our problem was that the mast had been...

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